Elevator accident injures 22 when elevator falls 3 floors

22 construction workers were injured when the freight elevator they were riding in fell four floors in the Bed, Bath & Beyond building in Chelsea, New York.

According to a report on ABC News, the elevator malfunctioned and fell from the fourth floor to the basement. A spokesman for the Department of Buildings said the cause of the malfunction was a defective brake. The building owner was issued a citation for failing to maintain the elevator.

In what must have been a terrifying accident, none of the injured suffered life-threatening injuries. However, 22 of the workers suffered “whiplash-like” injuries in the fall according to The New York Times.

States regulate the safety of elevators, escalators, moving walks and dumbwaiters and prescribe an inspection schedule. WAC 296-96-00650 prescribes the elevators rules in Washington.

Whiplash injuries are a common injury suffered in car accidents. It refers to the hyperflexion/hyperextension injury or “cervical strain/sprain.” It is caused when the head snaps backwards and the movement of the neck is greater than the normal range of motions of the neck muscles.

A whiplash injury can be very serious and require treatment over a period of time. In some cases, this healing process can take six months or more.

The injured construction workers in this accident might very well have a legitimate negligence claim against the building owner since the building owner was cited. They would be well-advised to obtain the counsel of a personal injury attorney.

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