Electric car windows pose injury risk to children says child safety group

A child safety group, KidsandCars.org, is on a campaign to convince auto manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the design of power windows on cars needs to be changed. According to 2007 NHTSA statistics, 2,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms every year for injuries caused by power windows. The statistics show that more than 1,000 of those people are children. Since 1990, at least 50 children have been killed by power windows and many more suffered injuries including brain injuries, amputation of limbs and fractures.
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KidsandCars would like laws to change so that auto manufacturers build cars with windows that automatically reverse directions when a window is obstructed. According to their Fact Sheet, power windows exert an upward force of between 30 and 80 pounds. It only takes 22 pounds of force to suffocate or injure an infant or small child and only two pounds to activate the window switch.

KidsandCars believes that, because so many drivers are distracted with the increase of cell phones, there may be an ever increasing number of injuries to children. A distracted driver might operate the window switch without realizing a child in the rear seat is obstructing the window.

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