Elderly woman killed in Edmonds pedestrian accident

KOMO News reports than a 73-year-old woman was killed in a Edmonds pedestrian accident on Tuesday afternoon.

The accident occurred near 4th Avenue North and Bell Street. The woman died at the accident scene.

According to the report, the 36-year-old driver was making a left-hand turn when the pedestrian was hit.

This accident occurred just a few hours after two pedestrians were struck in a crosswalk in downtown Seattle as a driver was making a left hand turn.

Left hand turning drivers often fail to look for pedestrians

Drivers making a left hand turn are a leading cause of pedestrian accident on city streets. In fact one of five intersection accidents at intersections with signals involves a left hand turn driver striking a pedestrian. When drivers can only turn left with a green arrow, the likelihood of a pedestrian accident is diminished. Often — in up to 11 percent of cases — drivers fail to look for pedestrians as they make a left hand turn because they are busy looking for oncoming traffic.

As crazy as it may seem, some recommend that drivers avoid making left hand turns when at all possible. Other people call for pedestrian scrambles, or intersections which are lighted so that all traffic stops and pedestrians are able to cross the road in any directions.

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