Elder abuse and neglect can take many forms

While reading the Seattle Times this morning, I saw the following in the “Rant and Rave” section:

seattle nursing home abuse and neglect

[Rave]To the Renton Wal-Mart employees who saved my 91-year-old mother from a serious scam. She had received a phone call from someone impersonating her grandson who said he had been in a car accident in Canada and needed cash for car repairs. My mother believed it was her grandson. When she went to Wal-Mart to purchase a Moneygram, the cashier, Cindy, was alerted by the story, which seemed similar to a scam she was aware of. She called the customer-service representative, Crystal, to check it out. It did turn out to be a scam, and these two employees saved my mother from losing her hard-earned money. Thank you!”

This “Rave” highlights one of the forms of elder abuse and neglect, scams aimed at parting elders from their money. Often when a older person is a victim of a scam, they are reluctant to tell their family or call the police because they are embarrassed and they fear their family will pressure them to enter a nursing home. They might not realize what happened to them.

In the Los Angeles Daily News, I read a similar tale of another scan against a senior citizen:

“While shopping at a local Trader Joe’s two months ago, a 78-year-old Sherman Oaks man was approached by a young woman with dark hair and a big smile.

Even though she didn’t know him, she convinced him she was an old friend, asking, “Don’t you remember me?”

Alzheimer’s disease had stolen pieces of the man’s memory, so he wasn’t sure. But she persuaded him to take her to lunch. Then to Macy’s for a birthday shopping spree.

“She got ahold of his credit cards,” said David Sidney, the man’s son, who asked that his father’s name not be used.”

According to the Daily News story, financial abuse of the elderly is rising and they are preyed on by strangers, greedy family members and even their caregivers. It is not uncommon for a senior citizen living in an assisted living situation to “lose” valuable possessions like family jewelry or to have their credit cards misused. Others lose their money to “friends” who help them take out home loans or unscrupulous contractors who will abscond with money for home repairs.

As specialists in elder abuse and neglect, The Farber Law Group, wants the public to be aware of scams against the elderly. Awareness of these crimes against the elderly need to be in every person’s consciousness.

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