Edmonds man suffers brain injury after police tackle

An Edmonds man, Chris Harris, is in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with a traumatic brain injury after police chased and tackled him, and he fell hitting his head reports The Seattle Times.

The incident occurred around 1am on Sunday when a witness mistakenly identified Harris as a suspect in a Belltown neighborhood stabbing and beating. Police chased Harris and for some reason, he ran. When police caught up with him, they tackled him and his head slammed into a concrete wall causing multiple skull fractures to the front of his head.

Harris is listed in critical condition and is unconscious and may not survive.

Harris’ stepfather, Todd Keeling of Mountlake Terrace, said the family has viewed a videotape of Harris’ arrest. He said it appears as if Harris had stopped running when he was tackled.

Harris is married and works at Arnies Restaurant in Edmonds. He grew up in Seattle and Olympia and had attended the Seattle Art Institute, according to the report in The Times.

Harris’ family have hired an attorney.

Police are reviewing the video of the pursuit and tackle of Harris.

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  1. It’s an awful and pitiful story. There is nothing more disastrous than sustaining a brain injury. Brain injury is totally different from other injuries as it cannot be seen and treatment without seeing is really complicate. Besides the process of treatment is lengthy. It may take few years or it may take many years to cure brain injury depending upon the injuries (major and minor).

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