Drunk driving car accidents have decreased but drug-use still a problem

The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration study reports that 16 percent of drivers on weekend nights test positive for some type of drug including cocaine, marijuana and prescription sedatives. This is the first time the NHTSA has done this study so it is hard to compare it with previous years. However, former Seattle Police Chief, Gil Kerlikowske, who now heads the Office Of National Drug Control Policy, deems this statistic, “troubling.”

Law enforcement officials are pleased that the number of drunk driving car accident fatalities has declined along with alcohol-impaired driving. Alcohol is a factor in about 20% of car accident fatalities.
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Drunk driving statistics:

  • A driver with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or greater is 42% more likely to be male than female.
  • The hours of 1am to 3am are the hours when drivers are more likely to be drunk driving
  • Drunk driving among motorcycle drivers is twice that as automobile drivers(5.6% compared with 2.3%)
  • Pick up truck drivers have a higher rate of driving under the influence, 3.3% pick up truck drivers are DUI compared to 2.3% of auto drivers.

Information for this blog was found in the Los Angeles Times in a column written by Martin Zimmerman.

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