Driver killed in Auburn highway shoulder accident

In an accident similar to an accident occurred on Interstate 5 in Everett on Monday morning, a motorist was killed when he hit a semi-truck parked on the shoulder of southbound Highway 167 in Auburn on Tuesday morning reports The Seattle Times.

Kin D. Beliakoff, 29, of Bremerton, was identified as a the driver who was killed. No one else was in his car at the time of the accident . The truck driver was not injured.

In Monday’s accident, a male passenger was killed with the driver rear ended a flatbed truck parked on the shoulder. Alcohol was considered a factor in this accident.

Both accidents are similar in that they occurred in the early morning hours and involved the rear-end crash into a truck parked on the highway shoulder. Driver fatigue and alcohol may have been factors in at least one of the accidents but shoulder accidents are all too common and often have devastating results.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, approximately 2,000 people die every year in highway shoulder accidents. Highway shoulder accidents are some of the worst crashes on our highways. When a moving car hits a parked vehicle on a highway, the results are usually tragic. The Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends to truck drivers that they should exit the highway if at all possible, even if it costs a tire or a rim.

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