Doctor and hospital under scrutiny for unnecessary medical procedures

At least one patient has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit and a federal investigation has been launched into a physician and hospital due to findings that a doctor performed hundreds of unnecessary medical procedures.

According to a report on WBAL from Baltimore, Maryland, the medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Mark Midei claims that Midei placed stents in two arteries of the patient’s heart when only one was medically necessary or indicated.

A cardiac stent is a wire metal mesh tube which props open an artery of the heart allowing normal blood flow through. Some stents are metal with a polymer coating which releases drugs into the opened artery for a period of time.

The investigation into hundreds of patient records showed that Dr. Midei placed stents into hundreds of patients at St. Joseph’s hospital in Towson when they were not medically indicated. The investigation is trying to determine whether St. Joseph’s hospital was complicit in a scheme to financially benefit the hospital.

The unnamed patient alleges “medical malpractice, fraud, negligent hiring and retention and negligent supervision by the hospital.”

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