Department of Health suspends Burien dentist’s license

The Washington State Department of Health has suspended a Burien dentist’s license for failing to property test sterilization equipment used to disinfect dental instruments. According to a press release, the Department of Health says that the dentist, Parivash Khajavi, put staff and patients at risk.

The license suspension prohibits Khajavi from practicing dentistry until a hearing is made in the case. Khajavi has 20 days to respond to the charges.

Khajavi operated Burien Family Dentistry. The charges say that Khajavi failed to conduct biological spore testing on the sterilizing equipment throughout 2008.

Medical malpractice
refers involves a medical professional whose negligent behavior results in failing to meet the standards of his or her profession. While dental malpractice does not make the news very often it does exists and dental malpractice can take several forms, for example:
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  • Failure to diagnose — for example failure to detect an oral cancer
  • Failure to administer anesthesia properly resulting in patient death or brain damage
  • Failure to perform a dental procedure correctly, for example the patient suffered permanent nerve damage
  • Infection as a result of a dental procedure
  • Tooth extraction mistake, for example removing the wrong tooth

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