Dentist accused of using paper clips during root canals

A former Massachusetts dentist has been indicted on multiple charges including dental malpractice for allegedly using paper clips instead of stainless steel posts while doing root canals. He allegedly used the paper clips to save money.

The grand jury indictment claims that Dr. Michael Clair, 51, formerly of Fall River, has also been charged with making false Medicaid claims and illegally prescribing drugs for himself and his staff members including Combunox, Hydrocondone and Percocet.
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Clair was investigated by the Massachusetts state attorney general’s office for nearly four years before the indictment.

Clair has had a history of malpractice and drug complaints before his Massachusetts dental license expired. Previously, he had his dentistry licenses taken away in Maryland and Florida after complaints of performing unnecessary dental procedures and irregularities in billing.

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Source: The Herald News Former Fall River dentist accused of using paper clips in root canals
Posted Mar 16, 2010