Deadly Listeria outbreak kills 23 and sickened 166

A deadly Listeria outbreak has killed at least 23 and caused more than 166 people to become ill. The Listeria outbreak is linked to Rocky Ford cantaloupe from Jensen farms in Colorado. People in 20 states have reported illness, however, there have been none reported at this writing in Washington state.
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Listeria is a foodborne illness and symptoms of the infection may take a while to develop but they can include severe fatigue, muscle aches and disorientation. Most of the people who have become ill from this outbreak have been hospitalized.

One form of Listeriosis, a disease caused by the Listeria bacteria, has a mortality rate of 25%. Two complications of Listerioris is sepsis, a systemic inflammator response and infection, and meningitis.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the process of investigating how the cantaloupes caused so many to become ill.

In this Listeria infection outbreak, most of the patients were elderly and had frail health. Listeria is an opportunistic infection and like E-coli and Salmonella, it can threaten the life of the elderly, pregnant women, the very young and people with compromised immune systems.

President Obama recently signed a food-safety law which will increase inspections of fields and processing plants before illness strikes and people die. Currently, the FDA only sporadically inspects farms and usually only after foodborne illness strikes.

People who become ill from foodborne illness and the family of those who have died are advised to seek the counsel of an experienced foodborne illness attorney. With expert legal representation, victims can often obtain compensation for their medical costs and for their pain and suffering.

This information is provided by Washington Injury Attorney blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We have successfully represented clients who have become ill due to foodborne illness. In one case, we obtained a $1.5 million judgment for a victim of E-coli illness in Washington state.

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