DEA bans ‘fake pot’

The U.S.Drug Enforcement Administration has placed five chemicals (JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol) used in herbal blend products as a substitute for marijuana. The DEA’s action will make possessing and selling these chemical or products that contain them illegal in the U.S. for one year while the DHHS studies these chemicals.
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The DEA ban is set to begin in December and it effects herbal blend products including Spice, K2, Freedom, Red X Dawn and Genie.

Synthetic or “fake pot” has increased in popularity among teenagers and young adults as these chemicals mimic THC which is an active ingredient in marijuana.

The DEA says that synthetic compounds used in the “fake pot” has never been approved for human consumption.

The News Tribune
of Tacoma reports that a Tumwater teen nearly died after smoking an “herbal spice” product after he experienced muscle contractions, low blood pressure, increased heart rate.

The DEA reports that since 2009, it seen “received an increasing number of reports from poison centers, hospitals and law enforcement regarding these products.” Poison control centers have received more than 500 calls from people about the drug which is exponentially more than the 12 calls they received last year.

Manufacturers of the herbal spice blends try to cover their liability for the products they manufacture by labeling them with “not fit for human consumption” and say their product is to be only used as incense but the DEA says these labels are intended only to mask their “intended purpose.”

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