Costco takes the lead in food safety with E-coli testing

We are glad to see that Issaquah-based Costco is taking a lead in food safety by checking beef trimmings for E-coli before they grind it into hamburger. Costco is one of the few meat grinders to test ingredients for E-coli and other pathogens as they arrive at its plant reports an article in The Seattle Times.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has encouraged testing practices like Costco’s to ensure that hamburger is safe to eat. Costco has recently reached an agreement with Tyson foods which allows Costco to test the meat trimmings that Tyson provides to Costco.
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According to The Times, hamburger patties made by meat processor Cargill was responsible for 16 outbreaks of E-coli O157:H7 since 2007. This type of E-coli can have serious healthy consequences which can be irreversible or result in death.

Foodborne illness including E-coli and salmonella sicken hundreds of thousands of people every year and kill about 5,000 people. Safety by food handlers and manufacturers is paramount to keep people safe.

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