Costco recalls JBS Swift Beef after E-coli sickens 23

Costco, the Issaquah-based big box store, is sending letters to customers who purchased JBS steaks, ribs and ground beef between April 28th and May 28th after the meat has been linked to E-coli infection in 23 people across nine states. Costco is asking that customers return all affected products still in consumer’s possession to Costco for a full refund.
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Specific information about the recall can be found on the JBS Swift web-site at

The Centers for Disease Control says they have linked 23 cases of E-coli infection to JBS beef. Of the 23 people who have become ill, 12 people have had to be hospitalized and two people have developed the serious and sometimes deadly HUS kidney condition.

It is costly and sometimes difficult to sue for damages after cases of E-coli infection. However, patients who develop severe kidney problems, which may be a life-long condition, may be able to obtain compensation for damages it there was negligence in the food preparation or handling of the food product.

If you or a loved one has become seriously ill due to a foodborne illness, contact The Farber Law Group to discuss your case. We have successfully obtained compensation for victims of E-coli illness. We have offices in Seattle and Bellevue to assist you.


0 responses to “Costco recalls JBS Swift Beef after E-coli sickens 23”

  1. chris says:

    i bought meat from costcos and it was recalled the problem is we used all the meat before we heard about the recall which i sure alot of people did we had no signs of illness should we be concerned ?

  2. Carol Pearson says:

    Unfortunatly, I think some people jump on the band wagon! I guess it is a sign of the times. I have bought a ton (maybe literally!!!!), from Costco and various other places where there were recalls on meat products, Banquet meat pies for example. I have never been ill or anything!!!! I bought that meat a long time ago, I know, but I need to speak my mind even if it is a half year later. I ate all that meat before the letter even came out, and no one got sick ever!! I am sorry for all the hoops you have to endure! I wish I could tell some of those people B.S. I will continue to buy meat at Costco, and already have!!! I Love Beef, Pork, Chicken, and will continue to be a good customer. Good luck to you!!!! I am sorry for the people that are less than truthful out there!!!! Keep up the great work!!! Sincerely, Carol Louise Pearson. P.S. I just bought a great Rib Eye Roast @ Costco, and have BBQ`d it and it was awesome!!! yum. Thank you J.B. meat people!!!!!! I have no connection with any of your employees or anything!!! I am just a simple city bus driver of Spokane Washington. Send this letter to everyone!!!!