Coroner rules boy’s death accidental in Thanksgiving archery incident

The Stevens County coroner has ruled that the death of Alex Niskanen, age 12, on Thanksgiving an accident. Niskanen was shot in the left shoulder by an arrow when he and his family was visiting friends south of Chewelah.

According to the coroner, Niskanen’s axillary artery was severed by the arrow and he bled to death.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
reports that Niskansen was shot by a younger friend but the friend’s name was not released. Niskansen attended Deer Park school where there is a National Archery in the Schools Program but it is not know whether Niskansen was a participant in the program.

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0 responses to “Coroner rules boy’s death accidental in Thanksgiving archery incident”

  1. Kennedy says:

    i was one of alex’s friends when he still went to maple lake and then he moved and just two days ago i found out about it and me and my other friends were crying but mostly me and my friend jordyn because we were so close to him and if i could have said one more thing to him before he left i would have said i lov you so much i wish i would have had the guts to say that to him but i thought we were to close so…. now look at what happened. And whoever did this i am extremly mad and sad.

  2. Farber Law Group says:

    Kennedy, I can tell you are sad. Be sure to talk to your parents or a school counselor about how you feel. Dealing with the loss of a friend is not something you want to go through alone.