Coroner in Longview, Washington to Investigate All At-Home Deaths

The Daily News Online reports that the Cowlitz County Coroner has adapted a new policy and will now investigate all at-home deaths. The County Coroner, Tim Davidson said that they would also investigate deaths at nursing homes if the patient did not die of natural causes. The change in the coroner’s policies is because of concerns of the problem of elder abuse. Corner Davidson and his Deputy Brett Dundas said they will staff the coroner’s office 24 hours a day to ensure that elders who have been abused or neglected will not be buried without documentation of their condition taken place.

Coroner Davidson said he estimates that the office will review about 200 more cases a year due to the change in policy. The Daily News Online says that the policy change stems from concerns of family members who fear that their Grandma or Grandpa was abused which caused their death. He believes that there is a huge problem with elder abuse.

Elderly patients are some of our most vulnerable citizens. Often they cannot speak up for themselves. Hopefully, the coroner’s action will send a message to everyone that cares for the elderly that abuse will not go unnoticed.
elder abuse

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