Convicted sexual predator accused of assaulting nursing home resident

A convicted sex offender who was released from a state penitentiary and moved to a nursing home has been returned to an Iowa Correctional Facility and stands trial for allegedly for sexually assaulting an elderly woman in the nursing home.

William Cubbage, a repeat sex offender with charges spanning nearly 60 years, was allowed to enter the Pomeroy Care Center, an elderly care facility, when he was released from the penitentiary after serving nine years there. A state psychologist had said that the state believed that Cubbage had molested a “large number of female children” that he had never been charged with victimizing and recommended against him being released. However, state officials deemed Cubbage as unlikely to sexually re-offend due to his age, which is 83.

Cubbage was re-arrested after an 8-year-old girl visiting someone at the nursing home reported that she had seem him molesting an elderly woman who was reportedly telling him, “no, no no!” The woman had physical injuries to substantiate the abuse charge.

This apparently was not the only incident in which he accosted other residents in the nursing home. He also reportedly chased children in the facility when they were there with a school group visiting residents.

It is very troubling that a convicted sex offender be allowed to enter a nursing home to prey on vulnerable residents and have access to children who might be visiting, especially against the advice of two state psychological examiners. It seems like many systems here have failed to both protect nursing home residents but to protect children as well.

A report in The Register says that there were 27 sex offenders living in care facilities in Iowa alone. one wonders if the State is dumping sex offenders on nursing homes who ill-equipped to monitor them.

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Source: DeMoines Register “Register exclusive: Sex offender back in locked unit” , 11/19/11
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