Consumer Product Safety Commission may ban drop-side cribs

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) proposes new rules governing the sale, re-sale and use of drop-side baby cribs. This year, there has been numerous recalls of cribs across the U.S. because the drop-side can detach when hardware breaks can and a child can become entrapped, suffocate or fall out of the crib.

Pottery Barn Recall

The most recent crib recalls have been from Pottery Barn after there were 36 reports of cribs malfunctioning or sides detaching which resulted in injuries to six children. The retailer has recalled 82,000 cribs because of strangulation, suffocation or fall risk.

The CPSC proposes rules, which would go into effect next year, calling for banning sales of drop-side cribs from stores and banning their use in hotels and daycare centers.

Safety Precautions for Parents

The CPSC provides the following safety tips for parents who have drop-side cribs:

  • Do not use a crib with missing, loose or broken parts.
  • Make sure crib components are tightened regularly.
  • Make sure the crib sides move up and down smoothly.
  • Make sure the sides do not become disengaged which could lead to a space which might entrap a child.
  • Do not use a crib that is more than 10 years old.
  • If you have a problem with a crib or question about it, use the Consumer Product Incident Report.

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