Consumer Product Safety Commission: Toy related deaths

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has released data for 2007 about the number of children who died in toy-related accidents. While nearly 232,900 children suffered from toy-related injuries, only 18 fatalities were toy-related.

Most toy-related deaths are caused by blocked airways, drowning or accidents involving motor vehicles. Most of the deaths were not caused by the toys per se, but happened when the child was playing with the toy.

Nearly 80% of the deaths of children were boys; 14 of the 18 who died were male.

According to the report, the incidents of toy-related death included:
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  • Tricycle-related accidents: falls, being hit by a car or drowning after falling into a swimming pool while riding.
  • Chocking accidents — either on rubber balls or balloons
  • Suffocation deaths included an infant who fell onto a stuffed animal and one who inhaled a rubber dart.
  • Two children were killed in auto accidents after being hit by a car while riding scooters.

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