Consumer groups call for identifying all ASR DePuy hip implant recipients

Consumer advocacy groups say that every person implanted with the now-recalled DePuy ASR hip implant needs to be identified even if the person is asymptomatic.

The DePuy ASR hip implant, manufactured between 2003 and 2010, was marketed as the hip replacement for the younger patient who sought to maintain an active lifestyle including playing tennis, walking, running and skiing.

Concerns about the DePuy hip implant are two-fold. The first is that the hip implant has failed in up to 14% of patients within 5 years of receiving the implant. The symptoms of failure include severe pain in the hip, fractures, swelling of the hip, lack of flexibility and discomfort. This failure rate may increase in ensuing years.

The long-term concerns of the DePuy ASR hip implant are even more worrisome. Because of how the implants were designed, there is a potential that there is a metal-on-metal rubbing associated with the implant. This rubbing releases metal ions of cobalt and chromium in surrounding tissue and into a patient’s blood stream. Long term, metal in the body can cause a dangerous metal poisoning called metallosis. Metal in the body is known to cause cancer, heart damage, brain injury and necrosis of the effected tissue.

Because many of the DePuy hip implant patients were younger — not the senior citizen that many associate with hip implants — their long-term health may be affected over 20-30 years. Many patients fear undergoing a revision surgery but monitoring of a patient’s overall health through blood tests and imaging techniques is important.

There are two things going on with this recall:

  1. DePuy wants to minimize their financial liability and so they contact patients and attempt to buy them off offering to pay for revision surgery or for monitoring but they do not pay for things like loss of wages and pain and suffering.
  2. The second is that many big legal firms seek to make contact with the patients and bundle a lot of cases together . They set up web-sites with names like “DePuy National Hip Registry” or “DePuy Hip Recall Registry” in the hopes that they can obtain patient’s contact information.

In both of these cases, the very personal experience and damages of the DePuy hip implant recipient are often overlooked. At The Farber Law Group, we seek to represent DePuy hip implant patients because we care. The founder of our firm, Herb Farber, recently underwent his second hip implant. He s passionate about representing people who did not have the knowledge to obtain the care he received. Read his hip implant story here. He’ll fight for you to insure that you get the very best representation for your case.

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