Construction worker receives $1.477M settlement for workplace injury

James Conwell, a carpenter, has received a $1.477 million settlement for the serious injuries he received in a construction accident when he fell from a ladder and a beam hit him in the head.

A press release by Conwell’s attorneys reported that Conwell suffered permanent and serious injuries including persistent migraines, neck pain and tinnitus.

Conwell’s construction accident lawsuit claimed that James McHugh Construction Company provided inadequate ladders and did not follow the safety program and procedures as outlined in their safety program.

OSHA regulations require that companies must comply to their own safety program and and they must make reasonable inspections of their premises.

Conwell’s wife, Roberta, was awarded $105,000 for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium can be awarded to a spouse of an injured person if the injury renders a person from having normal marital or sexual relationships due to their injury.

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