Construction crane collapse kills four, injuring seven

The Seattle Times reports that the largest mobile crane in the United States collapsed at a Houston oil refinery killing four construction workers and injuring seven others. The crane was 300′ high and had a 400′ boom and was able to lift one million pounds. It was located at the LyondellBasell refinery in southeast Houston.

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Crane accidents have made the news numerous times this year with two fatal crane accidents in New York City which killed nine people and crane-related deaths in Miami and Las Vegas. Here in Bellevue, within a block of the offices of The Farber Law Group, a crane collapse in December of 2006 damaged three buildings and killed an attorney for Microsoft as he sat in his condominium. If it had not been for after-hours, the death toll could have been a lot higher. With more than 16 construction cranes currently rising into the Bellevue skyline, crane safety both for the construction workers and the inhabitants of the city is a concern for everyone.

Crane accidents may be in part due to the fact that crane technology has evolved over the past ten years and regulations and federal guidelines have not kept up with the technology advances according to The Seattle Times. After the Bellevue crane accident, there has been a stepped-up schedule of crane inspections. The family of the man who was killed in Bellevue has filed a lawsuit against the building contractor both to find out what caused the accident and to seek damages for his death in a wrongful death action.

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