Concussions — a form of brain injury — may have lingering effects

traumatic brain injury seattleConcussions are a common type of traumatic brain injury. The word concussion is commonly used when speaking of a sports injury but the word concussion is used routinely to describe any mild injury to the brain.

While a concussion may not seem severe, a new study by the New York University (NYU) Langone School of Medicine has found that it can result in structural damage to the brain. Often the symptoms of a concussion can be subtle and not easily recognized but it can cause problems with thinking, physical problems and emotional symptoms. Symptoms can include loss of consciousness, irritability, cognitive changes and problems with sleeping.

It is believed that concussions are under-reported and that 1.7 million people suffer a concussion in a given year. Common causes of concussions include severe whiplash due to car accidents, bicycle accidents, falls, and blows to the head. A brain injury can occur by acceleration alone without a blow to the head.

Dr. Yvonee Lui, neuroradiology section chief and assistant professor of radiology at NYU, followed 19 patients for a year after a mild traumatic brain injury. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Lui mapped a patient’s injury a month after the initial injury and a year later. By looking at the images, Lui said that researchers found that the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain which regulates many autonomic functions in the body such as blood pressure and heart rate as well as cognitive functions had structural damage.

Researchers also found that the precuneus lobe of the brain which is involved with memory, spatial processing and other aspects of consciousness were also affected by a single concussion.

Other studies have shown that a person who has suffered a single concussion is more susceptible to another concussion. Athletes who have had multiple concussions from playing sports like football, volleyball or soccer, can suffer even more changes to their brains because of repeated concussions.

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