Christmas tree fire prevention tips

Approximately 260 home fires occur every year that started with Christmas trees. While Christmas tree fires are not common, they are almost always preventable.

The two major causes of Christmas tree fires:

  1. Placing the Christmas tree too close to a heat source
  2. Improper disposal/burning of a Christmas tree too close to a dwelling.

Safety Tips

seattle injury accident lawyerHere are some safety tips which will help you enjoy your Christmas tree.

  • Select a fresh tree, one that is not shedding needles
  • Cut off 1/2 inch of the tree’s trunk and then keep it in water to avoid it drying out as dried trees are highly flammable
  • Keep fresh and artificial Christmas trees away from wood stoves, space heaters, heat registers, and fire places
  • Use lights that are listed as UL or FM and follow a manufacturer’s instructions. Buy your lights from a reputable dealer
  • Do not overload circuit and avoid using extension cords
  • Turn off lights when you are away from home and before bed
  • Make sure artificial trees are fire-retardant.

For more information about tree safety, see the Washington State Patrol – Office of the State Fire Marshal website at

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