Children at risk of injury or death when TV sets or furniture tip over

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns parents about the dangers of heavy furniture, appliances and — especially TVs — tipping and falling on small children and seriously injuring or killing them. In a report entitled Instability and Tipover of Appliances, Furniture and Televisions: Estimated Injuries and Reported Fatalities, 2008 report the CPSC urges parents to secure TVs, furniture and appliances to avoid tip-overs. The CPSC has also prepared a video about furniture tip-overs that you can watch on YouTube.

According to CPSC estimates, in 2006 alone 16,300 children age five and younger were injured due to TVs or furniture falling on them. Between the years 2006 and 2008, they estimate that there were 134 deaths in this same age category. The real tragedy of these accidents is that they are totally preventable.seattle dangerous products attorney

Injuries typically occur when children climb up onto furniture or push themselves against furniture. Children can suffer severe crushing injuries when this type of accident occurs including brain injuries and suffocation.

The CPSC say they are seeing a rise in the number of TV tip-overs, perhaps due in part to many families purchasing new flat-panel TVS and putting their older sets on a chest of drawers or other piece that can tip. They recommend parents, daycare providers and others secure furniture and TVs to the wall using straps designed for that purpose.

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