Child dies from E-coli infection, 3 other children sickened at Clark County daycare

One child has died and three other children are recovering from E-coli O157:h7 infections that they apparently contacted at a Vancouver-area daycare center reports The Columbian.

An unnamed licensed Clark County daycare which all of the ill children attended has been closed until the precise cause of the infection has been identified.

According to the report, all four children who contracted the E-coli illness were hospitalized. The first child that became ill was hospitalized on March 19 and the other three around that time. Elizabeth Winter of the Washington state Department of Early Learning said the child who died was a 4-year-old boy reports The Oregonian.

All of the employees and children associated with the daycare were tested for the E-coli bacteria including 22 children and 4 adults; results of the tests found that six of those tested carried the E-coli bacteria but were asymptomatic.

Clark County health officer Dr. Alan Melnic said that it is believed that the children contracted the illness through person-to-person transmission. E-coli bacteria lives in the digestive tract of animals and humans but it can be transmitted when proper hand washing and sanitation procedures are not followed.

E-coli O157:h7 is one of the deadliest forms of the bacteria because it can cause hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) which is a life threatening condition.

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