Chenille robes recalled after nine women died of burn injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that Blair LLC, of Warren, PA is expanding their recall of chenille bathrobe after nine fire-related deaths have been linked to the product. The CPSC recalled 162,000 robes manufactured by A-One Textile & Towel, of Karachi, Pakistan. They say the robes failed to meet federal flammability standards and people who use the product have a serious risk of burns if the product is exposed to flame.

The recall includes women’s full length chenille robes, women’s chenille jacket, women’s chenille lounge jacket and women’s chenille top.

There have been reports of deaths of women who were wearing the chenille products and were cooking or tending a pellet stove. Nine deaths have been linked to the products prior to April 2009.

See the CPSC web-site for more information.

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