Cell phones and distracted walking: pedestrian accidents on the rise

There have been a lot of studies and reports lately regarding distracted driving which compare texting and driving to drunk driving. Now, studies show that texting and walking can also be hazardous.
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Recently, the New York Times cited an Ohio State University study that showed that twice the number of pedestrians are being treated in emergency rooms for trip and fall accidents while using a cell phone to make calls or text message.

In another study, a psychology professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham conducted a study to test the theory of “inattentional blindness.” The study which was posted in Applied Cognitive Psychology showed that people who were distracted while walking because of a cell phone or iPod usage or walking in groups were less likely to notice even bizarre occurrences like a clown riding a unicycle. Inattention blindness means that a person can look at something but fail to recognize or register the object because of their inattention.

While many distracted walkers may suffer minor injuries like tripping on a sidewalk and spraining an ankle but other more serious injuries can include walking into fixed objects or in the path of oncoming cars which can be extremely dangerous. While many pedestrian accidents are caused by motorists, pedestrians need to be aware of their surroundings, make eye contact and a wave to drivers before they cross intersections.

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  1. I can’t believe that walking and texting could be so hazardous. It honestly could be compared with drunk driving. You don’t even know what your doing or where your going.

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