Causes of Cerebral Palsy

In the United States, approximately 800,000 people have cerebral palsy which is a term encompassing motor and nerve conditions which are permanent in nature and effects a persons movement, posture and limits their activity. The condition can also effect sensations, cognition, communication, perception, behavior and can be accompanied by secondary musculoskeletal problems.

There are multiple causes of cerebral palsy (CP) including:

  • Prenatal – Some fetuses develop CP in the womb. In some cases an infection in the mother is the suspected cause. Others believe that it is caused by the death of a twin in the womb when the twin shared a circulatory system or the same placenta.
  • Premature birth – approximately 40%-50% of children with CP were born prematurely. Premature babies are not fully developed and at increased risk of hypoxia injury to the brain.
  • Birth Injury – 5% -10% of those with CP may have suffered a preventable birth injury. Some of these preventable injuries include allowing labor to progress too long ,leaving a baby in the birth canal for too long, a delayed c-section, incorrect use of the vacuum extractor, misuse of forceps or deprivation of oxygen.
  • After birth injury – some babies develop CP in the first few years of life. In some cases it is due to severe jaundice, lead poisoning, car accidents, brain injury, shaken baby syndrome, near drowning and illnesses such as encephalitis or meningitis. It can also be caused by asphyxia caused by choking on foreign objects including toys and food.

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