Caregiver charged with bilking $300K from elderly couple

Financial abuse of elder people is rampant. Whether an elderly person is in a nursing home or living in their own home, predators often ingratiate themselves into the lives of elderly vulnerable adults and figure out ways to obtain control of a person’s finances or obtain “gifts” or other material goods or even obtain a power of attorney which allows control of a person’s financial assets.

A 52-year-old Seattle woman, Samantha Pierce, stands charged with financially bilking $300,000 from an elderly couple that she had been hired by to help care for. Pierce faces charges of first-degree theft and violation of a vulnerable adult protection order.

There are many types of predators but people who prey on elderly people who might not have their full mental faculties are some of the worst.

If you suspect a loved one, neighbor or other vulnerable adult is being abused, you should contact local law enforcement or adult protective services. Warning signs of financial elder abuse include:

  • The elderly person develops a close relationship with someone who offers to manage their finances.
  • The elderly person is isolated or restricted from contact with friends or relatives.
  • The elderly person seems withdrawn or secretive.
  • The elderly person changes their spending patterns, patterns of withdrawals or makes changes to their brokerage accounts.
  • The elderly person makes a financial investment that he/she does not appear to understand, or the investment was made and there were high fees/commissions or penalties involved.
  • The signature on checks or other forms do not resemble the elderly person’s normal handwriting.

Bankers, lawyers, investment advisors or others in a position of trust should be wary of anyone who shows an interest in a person’s financial affairs. Warning signs of malfeasance includes:

  • Changes in an elderly person’s estate plan or will.
  • A new power of attorney created.
  • The addition of a signer on a bank account or brokerage account.

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Seattle ‘caregiver’ raided 93-year-old’s life savings, prosecutors claim Seattle By Levi Pulkkinen
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