Car booster seat ratings just released

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just published their latest evaluation of booster seats. Booster seats are designed for children ages of 4 to 8 and their purpose is to insure that lap belts and shoulder harnesses fit across a child’s torso so that the belts can do their job in the case of a car accident.

The IIHS says that overall, booster seat design and manufacture has improved and they have given 21 seats a “Best Bets” rating and 7 seats a “Good Bet” rating. They also provided a list of seats they do not recommend. In all, the Institute examined 72 booster seats.

The IIHs reminds parents that not every booster fits well in every family car. They recommend that parents try the seat out and check to make sure the lap and shoulder belts fit their child.

The IIHS tells parents to avoid belts that ride up on the tummy and shoulder belts that fall off the shoulder or rub on the child’s neck.


  • Britax Frontier 85 (combination highback)
  • Chicco Keyfit Strada (dual highback)
  • Clek Oobr (dual highback)
  • Cosco Juvenile Pronto (dual highback)
  • Cybex Solution X-Fix (highback)
  • Eddie Bauer Auto Booster (dual highback)
  • Evenflo Big Kid Amp (backless)
  • Evenflo Maestro (combination highback)
  • Graco TurboBooster Crawford (dual highback)
  • Harmony Baby Armor (dual highback)
  • Harmony Dreamtime (dual backless)
  • Harmony Dreamtime (dual highback)
  • Harmony Secure Comfort Deluxe (backless)
  • Harmony Youth Booster Seat (backless)
  • Maxi-Cosi Rodi XR (dual highback)
  • Recaro ProBOOSTER (highback)
  • Recaro ProSPORT (combination highback)
  • Recaro Vivo (highback)
  • Recaro Young Sport (combination highback)
  • Safety 1st Boost Air Protect (dual highback)
  • The First Years Pathway B570 (highback)

See the IIHS web-site for a complete list of all the seats rated.

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