California man dies after wisdom teeth surgery

A San Diego TV station reports that Marek Lapinski, 24, of San Diego died after from complications of having two wisdom teeth surgically removed.

Lapinski was undergoing a surgery that is routinely done on millions of Americans every year when he suffered cardiac arrest.

While death due to a wisdom teeth extraction is rare, deaths have occurred. Complications of anesthesia can include medication errors, oxygen deprivation during anesthesia, allergic reaction, post-operation infection and inhaling something into the lungs.

In Lipinski’s case, reports that a piece of gauze was found in his airway.

Lapinski’s sister told Fox5 that she thought Lapinski’s death may have been caused by too much anesthesia.

Lapinkski’s family is reeling after the young man’s death. At the relatively young age of 24, he had already accomplished so much, including launching a high tech company called T3D which allows cameras to produce 3D images on a screen.

Anesthesia Malpractice

anesthesia malpractice lawyer bellevueAn autopsy report on Lapinski is pending which will hopefully reveal the reason why he died.

When a patient undergoes surgery, anesthesia is used so that the patient does not experience pain. However, in rare cases, some patients suffer complications under anesthesia and these can include a hypoxic brain injury or traumatic stress if the patient experienced anesthesia awareness, a condition when the patient is awake and aware of the pain of surgery but is unable to communicate with the surgical team. While anesthesia is safe in most patients, approximately 1 in every 200,000 or so patients die as a result of anesthesia complications.

Anesthesia errors can occur if the anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist or dentist does not properly monitor the patient, administers the wrong amount of medication or improperly intubates the patient.

Medical professionals must exercise a high level of care to prevent accidents which could result in a catastrophic outcome including brain injury, stroke, or death.

Bellevue Malpractice Attorney

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