Buying your teen a “muscle car” or motorcycle increases their accident risk

If you want to keep your teenage driver safe and lessen their chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, you might consider having your teen drive the family’s large SUV, minivan or large car instead of letting them drive a motorcycle, sports car or a mini car. There are two factors operating here:bellevue car accident lawyer

  1. SUV’s and other large vehicles crash less regardless of who is driving. SUV’s are also equipped with electronic stability control (ESC) which reduces collision claims by overall by 18 percent.
  2. Teens tend to drive a sports car or motorcycle too fast and they tend to show off when driving those vehicles.

A Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) study compared the incident of motor vehicle accidents between two groups: 16-19 year old teenage drivers and 35-60 year old “prime-age” drivers. The study revealed some startling facts:

  • Teenage drivers of super sport motorcycles had motorcycle accident claims at the rate of 27.4 per 100 insured vehicle years which is more than 4 times the accident rate of the prime-age driver group.
  • Teenager drivers of sport motorcycles had an accident claim rate of 14.5 versus 5.3 for prime-age drivers.
  • Teen age drivers of mid-size sports cars had double the accident claim rate than prime age drivers with 14.9 claims versus 2.5 claims per 100 insured vehicle years.
  • Teen age drivers of mini cars and small cars had double the car accident claims than that of prime age drivers.
  • Teen age drivers who drive large and very large SUVS have almost the equivalent car accident claims as prime age drivers.

Starting in 2012, all passenger vehicles will be equipped with electronic stability control (ESC) which should reduce collision rates overall.

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