Burn victims need the support of many

Every year, thousands of people suffer a burn injury in Washington State. The Center for Disease Control cites fire and burns injuries as the 5th leading cause of accidental death. Nearly half of those that suffer a burn injury are children under the age of four years old.

People suffer burn injuries in a variety of different ways: car fires, building fires, explosions, scalds, shocks, gas explosion, candles, fireplace and outdoor fire pit accidents, and fireworks accidents are just some of the ways that people are injured.

Burn injuries can be extremely painful and the skilled care in treating someone for a burn injury is often at a trauma center. Serious burn injuries usually require multiple surgeries, skin grafts and afterwards require lengthy rehabilitation.

The burn injury victim needs the support of family and friends to overcome the physical and emotional trauma of a burn injury. There are many support groups for burn victims and their families which can help support the burn survivor with love and acceptance as they recover from their injury and re-enter society.

There are also a couple of summer camps in the greater Seattle area especially for burn injured children. Camp Phoenix in Everett Washington and the Northwest Burn Foundation Summer Camp in Seattle are two fine programs that support children. The camps provide a lot of fun for children, a chance to socialize and also provide counseling.

Often in the case of a burn injury there are legal matters to attend to and insurance claims to be made. A burn injury attorney can be an important support person for the family of a burn victim. When the injury was due to a defective product or the negligence of another, the victim has a legal right to seek compensation for damages which would include rehabilitation, loss of salary or future salary and compensation for pain and suffering. Personal injury attorneys that specialize in burn injury cases will work be an advocate for the burn victim and their family.

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