Burn Awareness Week highlights scald injuries

Every year, approximately half a million people are treated for burn injuries in the United States and Canada. In Washington state, more than 400 people are treated for scald injuries.

Scald injuries are a type of burn injury caused by hot liquids or gases. Steam is often the cause of a scald injury but hot bath water, showers and spilled hot drinks are often common causes of scald injuries. According to information released by the Washington State Fire Marshal, Paul Perz, scald burn injuries are the second leading cause of death of children four years of age and younger.

To prevent scald injuries:

  • Set water heater thermometers to 120 degrees F or less and mix hot water with cold water when filling a bath tub.
  • Keep children away from the path between stove and sink.
  • Use oven mitts and turn pot lids outward when removing and turn pot handles inwards.
  • Do not head baby bottles in the microwave.
  • Test and stir microwave-heated foods before serving.

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