Brain injured Edmonds man receives $10 million personal injury settlement in case against King County

King County has agreed to pay the family of Christopher Sean Harris $10 million dollars after Harris suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was slammed against a concrete wall by King County deputies.

Harris’ brain injury is so severe that he is paralyzed, unable to speak, is bed-ridden and requires constant care.

Harris, who is from Edmonds, was critically injured in May 2009 in Seattle. His family filed a personal injury lawsuit against King County claiming that unnecessary force was used against Harris when deputies arrested him. Harris was in Seattle and ran when police chased him thinking that he had been involved in an altercation at a bar. It turned out that a witness had misidentified Harris.

It’s unclear whether Harris knew it was police officers chasing him. Deputies were in black tactical uniforms instead of traditional deputy uniforms.

A trial of the lawsuit against King County had gone to trial but attorneys in the case settled before the trial was concluded. According to The Seattle Times, some of the jurors polled believed that excessive force was used against Harris and that Harris may not have known that it was law enforcement that was chasing him.

The Seattle Times $10M settlement for man shoved into wall by King Co. deputy; jurors react to video

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