Boy awarded $2.35 million for birth injury

A four-year-old boy was awarded $2.35 million in compensation for an injury to his shoulder during birth. The boy has had to undergo multiple surgeries and physical therapy and has severe nerve damage. He may have to undergo more surgeries later this year.

The jury found Dr. Pankaj D. Thaker damaged the boy when he pulled too hard on the “boy’s head and neck when his shoulder became stuck on the mother’s pubic bone,” according to the Waukegan News Sun.

Birth injuries as a result of medical negligence can have devastating consequences with life long impact on a person’s quality of life. No amount of financial compensation can ameliorate the pain and suffering of a child that has to undergo multiple surgeries, physical therapy and has a lifelong handicap. However, a monetary award can help towards the huge financial impact of medical and educational expenses due to a child’s disability.

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