Boating Under the Influence emphasis to be conducted during Seattle’s Seafair celebration

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) has organized the 2009 Boating Under Influence (BUI) emphasis for Seattle’s Seafair which kicks off July 29. Like driving a car, Boating Under the Influence laws state that a Boater is intoxicated if their blood alcohol content is 0.08% or above.

During Seafair, the WSP partners with the Mercer Island Police Department’s marine unit, the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the King County Prosecutors Office to apprehend boaters who are under the influence to insure the safety of others.

The Seafair BUI emphasis has been very successful and has resulted in 418 Boating Under The Influence Arrests since its inception. The emphasis patrols made 83 BUI arrests last year and 21 Minor in Possession of alcohol arrests.

The WSP says with the emphasis patrol, there are fewer boating accidents on Lake Washington during Seafair. Last year, there was only one boating injury accident during the entire Seafair week.

Annually, there are approximately 20-30 boating fatalities in Washington State and around 4,000 injury boating accidents.

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