Boating hazards in Lake Washington: submerged logs

King5 TV reports that Lake Washington has hidden hazards which can cause boating accidents: submerged logs. Deputy Steve Marshall of King County’s marine unit says due to the high snow pack and snow melt, The Cedar and Sammamish Rivers, which flow directly into Lake Washington, are running fast and high, and have deposited tons of wooden debris including huge trees with root balls attached into Lake Washington. These submerged logs pose a serious hazard to boaters and can cause boating accidents.

The term for a sunken or partially submerged log is a “deadhead.” If boaters run into a deadhead at a high speed, the hull of the boat can be badly damaged and it can even sink.

seattle boating accident
According to the King5 report, The Army Corps of Engineers has been collecting tons of debris in the Sound in the last few days. The Corps urges homeowners and boaters alike to alert authorities if they see a submerged log or tow it away.

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