Boater charged after 2 killed in boating accident

Last week we wrote an article that mentioned that stricter Boating Under the Influence (BUI) laws go into effect today in Washington State. In that article we mentioned that alcohol is related to more than 30% of all boating-involved deaths.

With that article in mind, we read about an horrible boating accident on the Hudson River in New York over the weekend that killed a bride-to-be and the wedding party’s best man. Lindsey Stewart, 30, and Brian Bond, 36, were planning to be married next month. They were together with four friends when the 21-foot Stingray power boat they were riding in struck a barge at a construction site, throwing the party overboard.

Mark Lennon, the couple’s best man, was killed in the accident as well as Stewart. Bond suffered serious injuries but was able to swim ashore.

The boat operator, Jojo John, 35, has been arraigned on one count of first-degree vehicular manslaughter and three counts of second-degree vehicular assault. He may face additional charges. Police believe that John was operating the boat while under the influence of alcohol.

There may have been contributing factors to the accident such as the barge may have been poorly lighted. In addition, the party was boating well after dark as the accident occurred around 10:41 pm. Only two of the passengers on board were wearing life vests.

Boating at Nighttime

Boating after dark is tricky. It requires boat operators to driver slower; nighttime speed limits are usually lower or even require boats to run at idle. Distractions onboard the boat such as lights and stereo can pose a hazard. A boat’s interior lighting can cause a glare on the windshield of the boat which can be lighting. A boater needs to use their hearing while boating at nighttime to hear engine noise and approaching vessels so stereo systems and even conversation should be lowered.

Boat Safety During SeaFair

With Seattle’s boating season in full gear and with Seafair Weekend scheduled for this coming weekend, boaters should avoid using alcohol while boating and use extra precautions as Lake Washington will experience more boat traffic than normal. There can bee more than 500 boats on the Lake at one time during a busy SeaFair weekend. Last year, there were 70 boaters who arrested for BUI during SeaFair weekend.

This year, the King County Marine Patrol will be focus on boating under the influence with the largest impaired boating emphasis in the U.S.

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