Bitten by a vicious dog? Here’s what you should do

As a law firm that routinely represents people who have serious injuries due to dog bite from vicious dog, we have some recommendations to dog bite victims and their families. Our recommendations are geared to victims because their rights needs to be protected so they can be fully and justly compensated for their damages.

Dog bite injuries can be very serious and they often cause disfigurement (often to the face), permanent nerve damage, psychological damage including post-traumatic stress, severe pain and most victims require between two to five surgeries to repair the damage.

Our recommendations

  • Seek prompt medical treatment. Head straight to the emergency room or to your doctor’s office. Your medical treatment notes are required to document your injuries and treatment and are used to prove how severe your injuries are.
  • Call the police or animal control. The police or animal control will investigate and establish who the legal owner of the animal and document the circumstances of the dog attack including witness statements. The police record is used to establish liability.
  • Photograph and document your wounds. Use your cell phone camera or other camera to photograph your wounds as record of what happened to you. Take more than one photograph and over a period of time as bruising and scarring occurs after the initial bite. Photographs along with medical records and police report are evidence for your case.
  • Consult with a personal injury attorney. A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney can insure your rights are protected and will fight the insurance companies on your behalf.

This information is provided by Washington Injury Attorney blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent dog bite victims and their families.

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