Bicyclist receives settlement for hit-and-run accident

Joseph Tucker, 29, a bicyclist who was injured when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver while he rode his bicycle on a San Francisco street has settle his injury accident lawsuit against the driver of the van who hit him and the company for whom the driver worked for.

Tucker suffered facial and dental injuries when he was knocked off of his bicycle. He required surgery which required wiring of his jaw and he also required prosthetic dental work. His injuries caused him to miss approximately two months of work.

Tucker filed a negligent driving lawsuit against two drivers and the company they worked for, Lorrie’s Travel & Tours, Inc. Tucker was able to file suit against Lorrie’s Travel & Tours based upon the legal doctrine of Respondeat superior which finds that an employer can be held responsible for the actions of an employee for actions performed in the course of their employment.

Tucker received a $8,500 settlement from Abecendario and a $250,000 award from Lorrie’s Travel.

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Tucker v. Lorrie’s Travel & Tours, Inc., Confidential Dkt., Counsel Lenore R. Shefman and Shaana Rahman.

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