Bicyclist paralyzed in Montlake Bridge accident settles negligence lawsuit with WSDOT

Mickey Gendler, who was paralyzed in a Seattle bicycle accident on the Montlake Bridge, has settled his negligence lawsuit with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The state has agreed to pay Gendler $8 million for the injuries he received in the 2007 bicycle accident.

Gendler was bike riding with his friend when his tire got stuck in a gap in the bridge deck, causing him to go over the handlebars. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the neck down.

Gendler’s lawsuit claimed that the WSDOT’s build of the bridge was faulty because it had a seam in the bridge check which was 1/2 inch greater than design, wide enough to cause Gendler’s bicycle tire to get stuck.

It was discovered that prior to Gendler’s accident, another cyclist had a similar accident though not with such a severe outcome.

If a governmental entity fails to maintain a road in a safe condition or if a roadway was constructed with a defective design, a person who is injured in an accident caused by the defective roadway may be able to recover compensation for damages received in the accident.

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WSDOT to pay $8 million over Montlake Bridge bike accident Posted: October 25, 2010
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