Bicycle accident deaths increased by 16% between 2010 and 2012

seattle bicycle accident lawyerThe Governors Highway Safety Association reports that bicycle accident deaths increased by 16% between 2010 and 2012 at the same time other motor accident fatalities were decreasing.

California leads the nation in bicycle accident deaths, followed by Florida.

While bicycle accident deaths of those under the age of 20 has decreased 84% since 1975, the profile of a person killed in a bicycle accident is an adult male over the age of 20. Two thirds of those killed were not wearing a helmet and 28% of the riders age 16 and older were legally drunk.

Hit and Run Collisions also Increasing

The Los Angeles Times reports that, in California, hit-and-run collisions have “increased by 42% since 2002.” This trend does not bode well a s many cities, including Seattle, have been advocating for more people to commute via bicycle and some apartment buildings provide limited parking for automobiles.

Up to 80% of all hit and run accidents are not solved which makes it impossible for bicyclists and their families to recover compensation for their injuries, medical costs and even funeral expenses.

Often hit and run drivers leave the scene of the accident because they are intoxicated and they fear the consequences of their actions. Other times, they are driving without a valid driver’s license or have outstanding warrants against them.

What to do after a hit and run bicycle accident

Immediate after a hit and run bicycle accident you should do the following:

  1. File a police report. Often, bicyclists do not feel like the police can help them if the driver who hit them did a hit and run. The police will attempt to track down the driver. Even if the driver is not found, any insurance claim may require a police report or investigation.
  2. Notify your own auto insurance and health insurance companies. Open a claim against your own automobile insurance company as they may be the only source of recovery.
  3. Seek medical attention and obtain treatment for your injuries.
  4. Obtain witness information.

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