Bend, Oregon malpractice case asks for $9.7 million in wrongful death reports that the family of Stephen Brenn is suing Doctor Anthony Hinz for “wrongful death” after Brenn died a few hours after an “elective ankle surgery” in 2006 at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon. They are asking for $9.7 million in damages.

The lawyers for Brenn’s family argue that Dr. Hinz prescribed an overdose amount of pain medication for Brenn
Dr. Hinz’s lawyers are arguing that it was the nurses that gave Brenn too many painkillers and that Brenn’s alcohol use may have also been a factor in his death.

Washington State has a wrongful death statute that allows the family to sue a medical center or physician if the death of a patient resulted because of medical negligence. The family of the deceased may be able to recover damages for the loss of their loved one, but they need to have a skilled attorney to successfully navigate the wrongful death statute.

The proof for medical malpractice is that the physician or hospital’s conduct fell below the “standard of care.”

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