Bellevue’s Overlake Hospital given Patient Safety Excellence Award

Overlake Hospital Medical Center in Bellevue has been recognized in the top 5% of all hospitals in the United States by HealthGrades with the 2009 HealthGrades® Patient Safety Excellence Award. The award recognizes Overlake as a hospital that “save lives, save money and prevent errors at a higher rate than other U.S. hospitals.”

Overlake was one of 242 hospitals — in the top 5% — recognized for patient safety.

HealthGrades, a leading healthcare ratings organization, analyzed more than 40 million hospitalization records over three years in the study of hospital quality.

Patients who are treated at America’s top hospitals are 43% less likely to experience a “patient safety event,” in other words, a medical error or mistake.

Healthgrades identified Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) which provide information on medical problems and in-hospital complications that occur after surgeries, childbirth or other medical procedures. PSIs give hospitals information on areas in which they may need to improve to provide better patient care.

Patient Safety Indicators can include:

  • Complications of anesthesia
  • Death in low mortality DRGs (this is when a patient dies when they are being treated for relatively simple problems or illness)
  • Decubitus ulcer (bed sores)
  • Failure to rescue
  • Foreign body left in during procedure
  • Iatrogenic pneumothorax (lung puncture)
  • Infections due to medical care
  • Postoperative hip fracture
  • Postoperative hemorrhage or hematoma (bleeding after surgery
  • Postoperative physiologic and metabolic derangements 
  • Postoperative respiratory failure
  • Postoperative pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis
  • Postoperative sepsis (infection that gets into the blood stream and overwhelms the body)
  • Postoperative wound dehiscence in abdominopelvic surgical patients (a surgical wound opens)
  • Accidental puncture and laceration
  • Transfusion reaction
  • Birth trauma
  • Obstetric trauma

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