Bellevue, Washington construction crane collapse: no injuries

The Seattle Times reports that a large crane and pile driving rig collapsed at a project on Lake Washington in Bellevue. The crane was being used to demolish a house and for construction and it was about 80 feet tall. The crane operator was able to get to safety and there were no injuries in this construction accident. According to the report, the driver was able to manipulate the crane when it started swaying and was able to maneuver it away from houses or people.

We have reported a couple of other crane accidents recently. A Bellevue crane accident in 2006 and killed Microsoft attorney Matthew Ammon and damaged several buildings. Ammon’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the building contractor both to find out what caused the accident and to seek damages for his death in a wrongful death action. After the Bellevue crane accident, there has been a stepped-up schedule of crane inspections.

Two weeks ago the United State’s largest mobile crane collapsed at a Texas oil refinery killing four construction workers and injuring seven. Read our posting.

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