Bellevue, Washington construction accident attorney discusses nail gun safety

Nail guns allow construction workers, tradesman, builders and home re-modelers and hobbyists to drive nails very quickly and efficiently. Most builders utilize nail guns instead of the traditional hammer. Not only are nails driven in quicker but they are also straighter and there is less fatigue on the part of the carpenter. However, nail guns are guns and nail gun accidents injure about 100 Americans every day and some resultant injuries are very serious and can result in death. Hitting your finger or a hand with a claw hammer can hurt, but only a fractional of the amount of the pain and injury that can be caused by firing a nail into a limb. A nail fired into a bone can fracture the bone, and a nail fired into your head can kill you.

Here are some safety tips which will help you and your employees avoid injury:

  • Always wear eye protection or safety glasses. The eye protection should fit snugly. If you wear conventional glasses, they should be safety glasses or additional eye protection should be worn.
  • The nail gun should fit in your hands and your body strength should be able to maneuver it without much effort. Make sure you don’t choose a gun that is too heavy for your strength. You don’t want to be jarred at the recoil of the gun. A smaller gun means that you will have to refill more often.
  • Insure your gun is maintained and works properly. If your gun is constantly jamming, don’t use it any more until it is repaired.
  • Unplug your gun to add nails or to unjam it. If there is pressure built up in it, make sure it is discharged before you work on the gun.
  • Keep a safety zone around yourself while you are working
  • Don’t ever point the gun at anyone and never at yourself while it is plugged in.

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