Bellevue salon owner accused of injecting fake Botox

A Bellevue beauty salon owner, Faith He of Issaquah, was indicted on charges that she illegally injected counterfeit Botox into customers over a period of years reports The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Federal prosecutors believe that Faith He, a licensed esthetician and manicurist injected customers between 2004-2008 with fake products. He’s conduct came to light after a Snohomish woman’s face became inflamed after she was injected. She noticed that the substance that He used came from a bottle marked with Chinese characters.
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A Bothell woman also sought medical treatment after her injection sites became hard and swollen.

Investigators found vials of liquid marked with Chinese characters in He’s salon, Natural Beauty, located at 1104 NE 11th Street, Suite 109. This story is especially scary since Chinese products have been in the news a lot lately because products ranging from pet food to baby formula have been found to be adulterated.

He could serve up to three years in prison fined up to $10,000 if she is convicted.

In cases like this, customers may also have recourse in civil course, especially if their injuries were serious or permanent. He certainly breached contracts if she assured her customers were being treated with genuine Botox. They may be able to recover compensation for any medical costs or emotional damages.

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