Belfair single-car accident injures 5 children, 2 adults

Two adults and five children were injured in a single-car accident at Highway 3 at Belfair around 8:30pm Monday night. No one in the vehicle was wearing a seat belt when the driver missed a turn onto Highway 3 and went down an embankment, hitting several trees.

The two adults in the car, a 32-year-old Belfair woman and a woman, seemed to have the most severe injuries. The man, who was driving, suffered chest pains and the woman sustained a head injury. The children suffered abrasions and sprains according to Seattle’s All seven were taken to Harison Medical Center in Bremerton for treatment.

According to the article, the driver may be charged with driving under the influence. The driver could also be charged with Vehicular Assault, RCW 46.61.522, which is a statute that can be used if a person is seriously injured and the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In Washington, according to statute RCW 46.61.688, all vehicle occupants must wear a seat belt and it is the responsibility of the driver that each child be properly secured.

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